The Purpose of Life – Ted Robinson, Center for Inner Healing

What is the purpose of life and why are we here?
What’s the most important thing for us to know about life?
Why do we want to stay alive so long?
If we stay alive a long time and are not happy being alive, what’s the point?
Do we have a purpose to living?
If so, is it all just for us or is someone else supposed to benefit?
Why do we think about the meaning of life at all? Does any other species think about any of this?
Are they happier if they don’t? What’s this life all about?

I keep reading all these studies about how to stay alive longer. They say it’s important not to sit too long every day and to get plenty of exercise and eat right. Some say you must become a vegetarian and meditate if you want to stay alive even longer. Others even say to cut down dramatically on your caloric intake so you can stay alive even longer than that.

The whole point appears to be alive the longest. But what’s the point of that if you’re not enjoying being here in the first place?
If you hate your life, why would you want to stay here on Earth any longer than necessary? Necessary for what? To learn about what you don’t want in life? Or don’t want to be in life? Or what you want to do or be in life?

As you can see, I’m still struggling with the purpose of life.
Some say that the whole purpose of being alive is to enjoy your life. Be happy. Be kind. Others say, be here now. Just be. Once you stop all your thinking, you’ll find you’re already in God’s world, Heaven on Earth, and everything will be wonderful, silent and present with you. That sounds good, but it also sounds a little single dimensional. I believe God gave us a brain so we can use it, too. Does that mean we need to be in balance more often in our lives?

Living is comprised of a number of different aspects. You are what you eat. So eating healthy food in reasonable quantities and taking good care of your body because it is the temple of your soul (during this lifetime) makes sense to me. You may not know it yet, but your health is perhaps your greatest asset. You may only learn that by first losing it. However, once you lose your health, you’ll spend most of your time trying to regain it.

Nothing else is as important because when you’re in constant pain or can’t move around normally or can’t eat normally, you’ll find your mind focusing on that alone and that leaves you in a single dimension, too. So spend whatever time you need to find out what food is best for you and make every effort to eat only that . . . most of the time. Remember, everything in moderation is still the best approach in everything.

Exercise is paramount to health. If you sit for more than four hours a day, you shorten your life. There is no question about it. The chair is a killer. Get out of the chair or off the sofa and do something. Exercise daily, if only to take a walk – do it. It will prolong your life and you’ll get outside into nature and remember why you’re here – to enjoy God’s world again instead of the mind’s world which is the alternative.

Quiet your mind. You may choose to meditate or be Present or do just about anything that gets you into “the zone” of quieting your conscious mind from thinking all the time. That can include sports or anything else, as long as you give your conscious mind time off. You may even want to take a nap if that works for you. But take the time to quiet your mind and do no conscious thinking about anything for at least 20 minutes a day – every day. No excuses, just do it. It will make a huge difference to your personal peace of mind and your overall creativity.

Be creative. Find something that interests you and sketch, draw, paint, throw pots, photograph, or whatever you find enjoyable and fulfilling. By creating, you are allowing God to flow through you without interruption and it is a great feeling. It is also a good feeling to know that such creative energy is within you and when you express it, you benefit from it.

All of these things will lead to a happier, healthier life. However, if personal issues intercede or disrupt life at times, make sure you know a way to resolution. There is nothing wrong with having issues arise in your life. Living is how we are intended to access and experience them. How we resolve them is up to each of us individually, but it impacts upon each of our lives and those of others when we let a negative issue remain in our lives. Knowing what to do about any issue that arises brings about a feeling of empowerment. When we know how to resolve them, they don’t loom quite so large anymore and that’s the greatest benefit.

So what does this all come down to? It comes down to the simple fact that we are here to work out all of those personal issues during this lifetime so we can be happy and healthy enough to enjoy our life. Eating correctly and exercising both play an integral beneficial role to keep us alive long enough to work everything out.

Why do we need to work “everything out”? So we can complete it all in this lifetime. What are we completing? We are working every little issue out now so we don’t have to return again in yet another lifetime to resolve what we left behind unresolved. Do you want to come back and live your present lifetime all over again? Or do you want to move on in your soul’s evolution and live a lighter, happier, more satisfying life and enjoy the entirety of your life? I choose that option, so I’m working every week to resolve my own issues and learn enough to know how to live a happy and satisfying life – in this lifetime.

Does any of this really matter? I think it does or I wouldn’t be doing it. I never really thought it all through before, but as I think of it now, it makes sense to me. I believe we live each lifetime (yes, I believe we live many lifetimes as an evolving soul) in order to purify our soul. As we purify our soul of its selfishness, greed, avarice, frustration, anger, fear, worry, stress, etc. we effectively quell the ego within us to the point that we can be better than ever before. By better I mean we can be free of those emotions and live a happy and satisfying life, filled with creativity and love.

You see, all of those negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs stand in the way of the peace and love within that wants to be expressed by you. Once you clear them all away through whatever means you choose, then you’re free to demonstrate them. When that happens, life becomes Heavenly. You become a free soul and everything is effortless. That’s when you truly don’t care any longer whether you live a longer life or not.

When you’re in Presence, You’re already living beyond this lifetime in a timeless place. In that state, everything finds a way of working out effortlessly and life is no longer a drudge or a drama, but an elegant way of being in the world. Eating the “right” foods becomes natural and exercise is something to be looked forward to daily through yoga or the like. Creativity flows through you regularly and life is good. In fact, life is great! And all you want to do is share what you’ve learned with others so they can enjoy the ride with you.

When you find your way into that way of being, you’ll then find yourself looking upon death with equanimity knowing that you never die anyway. You are a soul which evolves until you sit at the right hand of God forever in peace.

The journey has gone on for many, many lifetimes. It never stops. It is your choice as to how you wish to go through life. You may fight it at every turn, proving who you are or you can go with the flow of life and watch your life unfold naturally. I prefer to unfold naturally. I trust this article will help you come to your own conclusions about your life and your purpose.

Ted Robinson, Center for Inner Healing